Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Do you take my insurance?

A:  Better - Challenge Center offers a Scholarship Program/Financial Aid, which, like insurance, is to help cover the cost of services.  Unlike insurance, scholarships can be used to cover services that are not covered by health insurance (Fitness) and/or physical therapy treatment that extends well beyond the limitations of insurance coverage in both time and scope.  

Q: Why don’t you take insurance? 

A: Challenge Center was created to give people a place to go and keep working on their goals, after their insurance has run out.  If we took insurance for payment, we would not be able to help you work toward the goals you have that insurance will not cover.  If we took insurance for payment, we would have to follow their rules and would be restricted to working only on goals that are “medically necessary”, and no further.  Under insurance coverage what is “necessary” is defined by your insurance company and not the same as reaching your full potential.  Because you are our customer, you decide what’s necessary for your life.  Because we don’t work for insurance companies, we aren’t limited on what functions we can work on or the length of time we are able to treat you.  We can help you reach your maximum independence on the goals you feel are most important!  

Q: How much will it cost for me to go to Challenge Center? 

A: Challenge Center understands that healthcare is expensive.  We raise money throughout the year to be able to offer a wide variety of services, at discounted rates, and financial assistance through our Scholarship Program.   We provide Physical Therapy and Health and Wellness services on a sliding fee scale for seniors and people with qualifying disabilities who are low-income based on total household income.  Some people pay less than their co-pay under insurance coverage.  We also offer highly subsidized exercise classes to seniors and those with qualifying disabilities regardless of income level, for as little as $5 per class.  If you are able to work out by yourself or have someone who can help you, Independent Fitness Membership are just $20/month.  We have a wide range of services, each with a different cost, and most are customized to your personal needs and goals.  A Challenge Center employee can give you further details about specific costs depending on which program you are interested in joining. 


Q: Do you offer Occupational Therapy? I want to work on my arm.

A: Unfortunately, Challenge Center does not have an OT on staff at this time.  However all of our PTs receive extensive additional training on restoring function in a neurologically impaired arm and hand and can help you work on any upper extremity goals you may have.  
If you are doing a fitness program, upper body strength, range of motion, and conditioning may be incorporated into your program if this is something you wish to work on. However, at this time, Challenge Center does not offer traditional Occupational Therapy. 

Q: I was referred to Challenge Center but don’t know which program I should be doing. How can I find out/ how should I decide? 

A: We recommend you start with an evaluation with one of our physical therapists. At the time of evaluation, the physical therapist will recommend which program or combination of programs is/are appropriate for you based on your goals, resources, and current ability level. If you wish to join our gym as an independent member, please contact us to get started right away!

Q: Does Challenge Center have a pool?

A: Challenge Center offers it Aquatics group exercise classes in the therapy pool at the Joan Kroc Center on University Ave. The pool is heated to 93 degrees, is semi enclosed, and has a power chair lift to aid in entering and exiting the pool.  Classes are led by a certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in teaching in the pool.  The classes incorporate stretching, low impact aerobic exercise, water walking, overall strengthening, and Ai Chi postures in a weightless environment.  These classes are by enrollment only, and a screening is required prior to participation. Aquatics classes are subsidized for all seniors and persons with a qualifying disability, with no need to complete scholarship paperwork. Please call if you are interested in joining or for more information.

Q: Do you provide transportation?

A:  Unfortunately Challenge Center does not provide transportation at this time, but the list below is provided as reference to help you find a transportation service that best fits your needs. Please know that this is not a complete list, and other services may be available.  
-MTS Access
Provides door to door service at a very low cost to persons with disabilities. This is the most commonly used transportation service at Challenge Center
-Uber WAV  and UberAssist
* when you sign up with the code “CHALLENGECTR”, your first ride, up to $20 in value, is free, and UBER will donate $5 to Challenge Center
- Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation website: 
*has ride service referrals and a “Find a Ride” link, as well as provides information about the RideFACT program. A helpful starting place .
-La Mesa Rides for Neighbors
-Other ideas: Sol transportation, Lyft, Secure Transportation, Jewish Community Services  or call 211 to ask for more transportation options.  

Q: I’ve seen a PT in the past, and have a home exercise program already, why do I need a PT evaluation?  

A:  Home exercise programs are generally designed to be done with minimal equipment or assistance in the home.  Challenge Center is filled with state-of-the-art, universally accessible exercise equipment that far surpasses what is typically available in a person’s home.  Plus we have the skilled and trained personnel to provide any assistance as necessary.  In short, you have many more options at Challenge Center for promoting good health and function.  We believe that exercise plans for individuals with disabilities, frailty, or chronic health issues are safer, and most effective, when created by highly educated, licensed Physical Therapists.  And to get the best advantage from what the Center has to offer, programs should be made by Physical Therapists who are completely familiar with all of our unique equipment and offerings
To get the greatest advantage from what the Center has to offer we believe The Physical Therapy profession is uniquely qualified and trained to integrate medical and health factors, scientific principles of movement and motor control, with exercise physiology to prescribe an exercise program that will promote the highest outcomes with the lowest risks for your specific situation.  If you are interested joining PT, an evaluation will need to be completed so that we can establish treatment goals and a plan of care. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 619-667-8644 or and someone will be happy to assist you.   

You may also feel free to stop by the Center any time between 9am and 6pm, Monday – Friday and see for yourself what we have to offer and the amazing environment at Challenge Center.  

Guided Tours are available by appointment by calling 619-667-8644.