Board of Directors

Don Lindgren, rehabilitation, physical therapy, board of directors

Challenge Center Board

At Challenge Center, we have carefully searched out and selected, active and involved community members who will help us grow and expand what Challenge Center offers to our amazing clients!


Board Officers:

  • Jay Neal, CDP, Retired, President, 2004
  • Jeffrey Miyamoto, Esq, Vice President, The Law Office of Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz PC, 2011
  • Ed Burr, & CEO, EDCO, Treasurer, 2003
  • Betsy Boney, Business Owner, Secretary 2011


Board Members:

  • Roxanne Hon, M.D., 1996
  • Jody Iverson, Retired Banker, 2006
  • Joe Stevens, Vice President , Operations and Asset Management, Eurus Energy, 2014
  • Steven Ashburn, Founder, Ashburn Law Office
  • Heather Boney, Co
    ​-Owner, Sprouts 

100% of Board of Directors contribute financially to Challenge Center