Training Programs

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Challenge Center Training Programs

Going beyond the basics, we have found unique equipment, environments and teaching styles to help train your body to work with you.



Computerized Functional Electronic Stimulation (CFES) allows spinal cord injury and other paralysis clients to ride a stationary bike with his or her own muscles.

  • Latest cutting edge equipment
  • Helps clients stay fit and manage weight
  • Protects shoulders and arms from long-term damage
  • Increased body response
    • More muscle growth
    • Improved cardiovascular response to larger muscle group
    • Better overall wellness, including avoiding pressure sores and increasing spasticity

Aquatic Exercise Class

Warm water, small group fitness classes allow clients to achieve goals limited on land by impact, device dependence and other personal restrictions.

  • Low impact aerobic exercise
  • Stretching and Ai Chi postures
  • Water walking
  • Overall strengthening

Balance and Conditioning Class

Personalized and unique small group classes create challenging, yet achievable goals that go beyond safety to provide new skills and confidence in daily life.

  • Group stretching
  • Cardio, strengthening, balance and conditioning exercise
  • One-on-one personalized training

Seated Exercise Class

While limited by stance and the dangers of standing fitness, chair fitness can help improve strength and skills to move forward and expand self-reliance.

  • Improved core strength
  • Advanced stretching
  • Small group personal focus